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Learning retail management with bschool in India for PGDM 

While most think that the most important part for any type of retail management revolves around consumers, there is a tendency to forget that employees are as important as consumers in the retail industry. Employees may be nurtured or overlooked by the management, the outcome of both can be extreme while the prior one would make you into a success and the other one would turn your organisation to failure. 

This is extremely significant to drive your organisation to success. A slight difference in behaviour can lead to profit or stagnation. Bschool in India for PGDM (retail management) helps you learn and assess your employees on 5 essential components. Let us learn how these components can help improve employee satisfaction. 

5 employee satisfaction components covered under bschool in India for PGDM

For successfully deploying techniques to increase employee satisfaction as covered under bschool in India for PGDM (retail management) are:


1. Communication: Although there is disparity between employees as they are located in different regions but keeping communication open between them and the management would be an ideal solution. Employees can easily discuss their issues with the management and thereby gain knowledge about the dissatisfying factors.    

2. Engagement: Employees which are engaged in the store activities directly translate into retained employees. This helps to improve business for the store. You can implement employee engagement activities through social media channels or by holding competitions, rewarding them on a monthly basis etc.     

3. Productivity: Setting tasks and measurable goals for the employees at the start of the quarter or start of the month would helps them keep a check on their productivity. This also helps to accelerate productivity for employees. You can check the progress of employees by interacting with the employees occasionally. This would help the management gain responsibility for employee satisfaction.     

4. Accessibility: Employees need to be exposed to information that would help them carry out their tasks very well. Thus a channel for information should be created between the management and the employee through technology which would help make their tasks easier. You need to equip the management with enough knowledge so that they are able to carry out their tasks properly.   

5. Training: A proper training session should be conducted for employees managing the store. Whether it is the management that needs to learn about the organisation or the junior level employees that want to know how the store operates, a proper training needs to be given to all. This would help them with adapting to any type of change.